ZDL To AsyncAPI Generator

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Generate AsyncAPI definition from ZDL Services and Events:

jbang zw -p io.zenwave360.sdk.plugins.ZDLToAsyncAPIPlugin \
    specFile=src/main/resources/model/orders-model.zdl \
    idType=integer \
    idTypeFormat=int64 \

For instance the following ZDL model will generate:

service OrdersService for (CustomerOrder) {
    // only emited events will be included in the asyncapi definition
    updateOrder(id, CustomerOrderInput) CustomerOrder withEvents OrderStatusUpdated

@asyncapi({channel: "OrderUpdatesChannel", topic: "orders.order_updates"})
event OrderStatusUpdated {
    id String
    dateTime Instant required
    status OrderStatus required
    previousStatus OrderStatus
  • An schema named OrderStatusUpdated with a payload containing the id, dateTime, status and previousStatus fields.
  • A message named OrderStatusUpdatedMessage pointing to OrderStatusUpdated schema.
  • An a Channel named OrderUpdatesChannel containing a reference to the OrderStatusUpdatedMessage message.
  • It also will generate an Operation named onOrderStatusUpdated with and action sendto the OrderUpdatesChannel channel.

This is as a compact format as it can get!! Saving you a lot of typing and giving you very concise representation of your events.


Option Description Type Default Values
specFile Spec file to parse String    
targetFolder Target folder to generate code to. If left empty, it will print to stdout. File    
targetFile Target file String asyncapi.yml  
asyncapiVersion Target AsyncAPI version. AsyncapiVersionType v3 v2, v3
schemaFormat Schema format for messages’ payload SchemaFormat schema schema, avro
idType JsonSchema type for id fields and parameters. String string  
idTypeFormat JsonSchema type format for id fields and parameters. String    
basePackage Java Models package name String io.example.domain.model  
avroPackage Package name for generated Avro Schemas (.avsc) String io.example.domain.model  
zdlBusinessEntityProperty Extension property referencing original zdl entity in components schemas (default: x-business-entity) String x-business-entity  
continueOnZdlError Continue even when ZDL contains fatal errors boolean true  

Getting Help

jbang zw -p io.zenwave360.sdk.plugins.ZDLToAsyncAPIPlugin --help

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