OpenAPI: REST Controllers Generator

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Generates implementations based on JDL models and OpenAPI definitions SpringMVC generated OpenAPI interfaces.

After you have generated SpringMVC interfaces and DTOs with OpenAPI generator, you can use this command to generate implementations (skeletons) and mappers for those interfaces and dtos:

jbang zw -p io.zenwave360.sdk.plugins.OpenAPIControllersPlugin    
    openapiFile=src/main/resources/model/openapi.yml \
    zdlFile=src/main/resources/model/orders-model.jdl \
    basePackage=io.zenwave360.example \
    openApiApiPackage=io.zenwave360.example.adapters.web \
    openApiModelPackage=io.zenwave360.example.adapters.web.model \
    openApiModelNameSuffix=DTO \


Option Description Type Default Values
openapiFile OpenAPI Specification File String    
zdlFile ZDL file to parse String    
targetFolder Target folder to generate code to. If left empty, it will print to stdout. File    
style Programming Style ProgrammingStyle imperative imperative, reactive
operationIds OpenAPI operationIds to generate code for List []  
statusCodes Status codes to generate code for List [200, 201, 202, 400]  
openApiApiPackage The package to used by OpenAPI-Generator for generated api objects/classes String    
openApiModelPackage The package to used by OpenAPI-Generator for generated model objects/classes String    
openApiModelNamePrefix Sets the prefix for model enums and classes used by OpenAPI-Generator String    
openApiModelNameSuffix Sets the suffix for model enums and classes used by OpenAPI-Generator String    
basePackage Applications base package String    
controllersPackage The package to generate REST Controllers String .adapters.web  
entitiesPackage Package where your domain entities are String .core.domain  
inboundDtosPackage Package where your inbound dtos are String .core.inbound.dtos  
servicesPackage Package where your domain services/usecases interfaces are String .core.inbound  
inputDTOSuffix Should use same value configured in BackendApplicationDefaultPlugin. Whether to use an input DTO for entities used as command parameter. String    
paginatedDtoItemsJsonPath JSONPath list to search for response DTO schemas for list or paginated results. User ‘$.items’ for lists or ‘$.properties..items' for paginated results. List [$.items, $.properties.content.items]  
formatter Code formatter implementation Formatters spring google, palantir, spring, eclipse
skipFormatting Skip java sources output formatting boolean false  
haltOnFailFormatting Halt on formatting errors boolean true  
continueOnZdlError Continue even when ZDL contains fatal errors boolean true  

Getting Help

jbang zw -p io.zenwave360.sdk.plugins.OpenAPIControllersPlugin --help

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