Backend Application Default Plugin

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Generates a full backend application using a flexible hexagonal architecture.

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Option Description Type Default Values
specFile Spec file to parse String    
targetFolder Target folder to generate code to. If left empty, it will print to stdout. File    
specFiles ZDL files to parse String[] []  
basePackage Java Models package name String io.example.domain.model  
persistence Persistence PersistenceType mongodb mongodb, jpa
style Programming Style ProgrammingStyle imperative imperative, reactive
databaseType SQL database flavor DatabaseType postgresql postgresql, mariadb
useLombok Use @Getter and @Setter annotations from Lombok boolean false  
inputDTOSuffix If not empty, it will generate (and use) an input DTO for each entity used as command parameter String    
includeEmitEventsImplementation Whether to add IEntityEventProducer interfaces as service dependencies. Depends on the naming convention of zenwave-asyncapi plugin to work. boolean false  
entities Entities to generate code for List []  
formatter Code formatter implementation Formatters spring google, palantir, spring, eclipse
skipFormatting Skip java sources output formatting boolean false  
continueOnZdlError Continue even when ZDL contains fatal errors boolean true  
haltOnFailFormatting Halt on formatting errors boolean true  

Getting Help

jbang zw -p io.zenwave360.sdk.plugins.BackendApplicationDefaultPlugin --help

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