JDL To AsyncAPI Generator

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Generate AsyncAPI definition from JHipster Domain Language (JDL) entities:

  • One channel for each entity update events
  • Messages and payloads for each entity:
    • Supported Schema Formats: AVRO and AsyncAPI schema
    • Supported Payload Styles: Entity and State Transfer (for Create/Update/Delete events)

JDL Example:

entity Customer {
  username String required minlength(3) maxlength(250)
  password String required minlength(3) maxlength(250)
  email String required minlength(3) maxlength(250)
  firstName String required minlength(3) maxlength(250)
  lastName String required minlength(3) maxlength(250)

Then run:

jbang zw -p io.zenwave360.sdk.plugins.JDLToAsyncAPIPlugin \
    includeCommands=true \
    specFile=src/main/resources/model/orders-model.jdl \
    idType=integer \
    idTypeFormat=int64 \
    annotations=aggregate \
    payloadStyle=event \


Option Description Type Default Values
specFile Spec file to parse String    
specFiles JDL files to parse String[] []  
basePackage Java Models package name String io.example.domain.model  
targetFolder Target folder for generated output String    
targetFile Target file String asyncapi.yml  
schemaFormat Schema format for messages’ payload SchemaFormat schema schema, avro
payloadStyle Payload Style for messages’ payload PayloadStyle entity entity, event
idType JsonSchema type for id fields and parameters. String string  
idTypeFormat JsonSchema type format for id fields and parameters. String    
asyncapiVersion Target AsyncAPI version. AsyncapiVersionType v2 v2, v3
entities Entities to generate code for List []  
skipEntities Entities to skip code generation for List []  
annotations Annotations to generate code for (ex. aggregate) List []  
skipForAnnotations Skip generating operations for entities annotated with these List [vo, embedded, skip]  
includeEvents Include channels and messages to publish domain events boolean true  
includeCommands Include channels and messages to listen for async command requests boolean false  
jdlBusinessEntityProperty Extension property referencing original jdl entity in components schemas (default: x-business-entity) String x-business-entity  
avroPackage Package name for generated Avro Schemas (.avsc) String io.example.domain.model  
skipFormatting Skip java sources output formatting boolean false  
haltOnFailFormatting Halt on formatting errors boolean true  

Getting Help

jbang zw -p io.zenwave360.sdk.plugins.JDLToAsyncAPIPlugin --help

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