Create Software Easy To Understand!

DDD and API-First Modeling Tools for Modern Distributed Applications.

Domain Model Language

Concise and complete DDD modeling language for Event-Driven Architectures.

ZenWave SDK

ZenWave SDK helps you create SpringBoot/SpringCloud applications in no time.

Domain Driven Design

Business, Developer and Computer friendly Ubiquitous Language for your Domain Models and Bounded Contexts.

Event-Driven Architectures

Designed for Event-Driven Architectures, mapping Event-Storming discoveries into your models.


Leveraging open standards like OpenAPI and AsyncAPI.


Testing as first class citizen. Helps you create complete test suites from your Models and APIs.

Domain Driven Design is about Business Understanding

Maintainable Software

  • It is not a matter of code but a matter of understanding the business domain
  • Software well designed should be easy to understand by all
Domain Driven Design is about Business Understanding
Gap between Domain Experts - Technical Knwoledge

Common Language (DSL)

A common language closes the gap between:

  • Domain Experts
  • Technical Experts
  • Working Software & Tests

ZenWave SDK

Accelerate your development Converting your Models into Software Artifacts:

  • API Definitions: OpenAPI, AsyncAPI...
  • SpringBoot/SpringCloud Backend...
  • API Testing: KarateDSL, Spring WebTestClient...

A Domain Language Designed for Event-Driven Architectures

Event Storming

... And Bounded Context Mapping

Bounded Context Mapping with ZDL

Can be read as documentation

And easily converted into working software & tests