ZenWave Editor - IntelliJ Plugin

ZenWave Editor: Seamless ZDL Editing & SDK Plugin Integration inside IntelliJ Platform.  

ZenWave Editor IntelliJ Plugin

Editing support for the ZDL Domain Model Language:

  • Running ZenWave SDK plugins right from the editor (requires cli installed)
  • Markdown preview with PlantUML diagrams (requires PlantUML plugin installed)
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Linting and errors

Work in progress:

  • Code Completion and Formatting for ZDL syntax
  • Code Completion for available SDK plugins and options, including your custom plugins
  • Code Navigation (Ctrl+Click) from ZDL model to source code and API definitions

ZenWave Editor for VSCode

ZenWave Editor provides Syntax Highlighting for ZDL on VSCode.

It is available on the VSCode Marketplace.

It also works 'on the web', for example on the github.dev user interface reached by pressing . (the period key) when browsing a repository or Pull Request in GitHub.